The popularity of aluminum patio covers has skyrocketed in recent years. With a plethora of manufacturers like Alumawood, Duralum, Fourseasons and 4K flooding the market with their unique products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice. This article aims to clear up some confusion by comparing two key players: Alumawood and 4K Aluminum.

The Aluminum Patio Cover Market

Aluminum patio covers have become increasingly popular due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. Key players such as Alumawood, Duralum, Fourseasons and newcomer 4K are vying for attention in this crowded marketplace. Each manufacturer offers different materials with distinct features that cater to various customer needs.

Deep Dive into 4K Aluminum Products

Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada is the innovative company behind the 4K Aluminum product line. Their vision was simple yet ambitious – create an affordable patio cover system that surpasses all others on the market in terms of quality and performance. And they’ve done just that! The standout qualities of their products include superior paint processes, high-quality aluminum alloy construction, ease of installation and competitive pricing.

Comparison between Alumawood and 4k Aluminum Products

Paint Process

When it comes to the paint process, both Alumawood and 4K Aluminum have unique approaches. Alumawood uses a durable Aluma-ShieldSM paint system with TEFLON® for long-term gloss retention. However, 4K takes a different route by employing Gold chromate plating on all their aluminum products.

Gold chromate plating is not just an aesthetic choice; it offers several practical benefits that make it superior to other types of finishes. Firstly, this type of plating helps prevent corrosion, significantly extending the lifespan of your patio cover even in harsh weather conditions. Secondly, gold chromate acts as an excellent base for paint – ensuring better adhesion and reducing chances of chipping or peeling over time.

Moreover, unlike glossy finishes which can reflect sunlight intensely and cause glare, gold chromate plating results in a matte finish that’s more comfortable on the eyes while still looking elegant and sophisticated.

Material Quality

In terms of material quality and thickness range offered by both companies; while alumawood ranges from .018 to .036 ,the entry-level gauge for lattice/shade bars/slates under our client ‘4k’ starts at .048 extending up to .078 showcasing its commitment towards providing robust solutions without compromising aesthetics .

The thicker material used by 4K doesn’t only mean increased durability but also allows you to build larger structures with fewer supports needed due to its strength. This means less obstruction when enjoying your outdoor space – perfect if you’ve paid premium prices for views or simply want an unobstructed view of your garden or pool area.

Furthermore, because these materials are designed with longevity in mind they will last much longer than thinner alternatives – making them a cost-effective solution in the long run despite being slightly more expensive upfront.

So whether you’re planning on building a large pergola or small patio cover – opting for 4K’s high-quality thick aluminum materials ensures that your structure will stand strong against time and elements while offering maximum functionality & aesthetic appeal.

Construction Methodology

While roll forming method employed by alumawood ensures faster production using less material thus making it cost-effective ; our client ‘s preferred methodology i.e extrusion results in stronger end-products since they originate from solid pieces of aluminum thereby ensuring longevity & resilience against harsh weather conditions.

Roofing Options Offered By Both Companies

Alumawood offers insulated roofs which provide radiant barrier against heat along with non-insulated versions serving basic shelter needs whereas our client introduces Soliel Panels under category termed as ‘roof decorative panels’. Despite not being waterproof ,their aesthetic appeal makes them an attractive option when entertaining guests outdoors.

In Conclusion

This article aimed at providing comprehensive comparison between alumwood & our client’s offerings based on parameters like price ,finish,application etc.While both offer commendable solutions catering varied customer needs ;our clients stand out owing to their commitment towards delivering durable ,beautiful low-maintenance shade structure materials at affordable prices .

If you’re considering installing new patio cover or replacing existing one then reach out us today ! We promise superior quality,durability & aesthetics within your budget !
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