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As a leading distributor, we are a proud partner with 4K Aluminum, an American-owned, family-operated company that excels in manufacturing luxury patio covers.
We distribute 4K Aluminum products because they offer an unbeatable combination of strength, aesthetics, and precision engineering. Crafted from aircraft-grade alloy, their patio systems are visually stunning and designed to withstand the toughest local wind and snow load requirements. With a myriad of customization options, including posts, beams, lattice tubes, motorized louver systems, and the exclusive Soleil aluminum laser-cut panels, these patio covers are versatile enough to complement any architectural style for both residential and commercial markets.
As distributors, we recognize the value of exceptional customer service. Here at 4KLA, we can assist homeowners in finding specialized contractors for outdoor renovation projects. We also support contractors by providing essential installation information. Architects, we can supply all necessary data for seamless integration into your designs.
We confidently deliver the industry’s most adaptable, highest quality, and best powder-coated pergola system. Let us help you elevate your outdoor space with these stunning patio cover solutions.

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